Dragon ROV's range of open frame vehicles

Specialist subsea robotics.

We specialise in a wide range of electric ROV's, ROV components and systems, as well as ROV tooling.

Always keeping quality as high as it possibly can be.

All our equipment can be adapted for bespoke applications. Our large selection of standard projucts are specifically designed to be versitile, and easily adaptable, but should changes be required this can be done quickly and easily.

We design everything we sell in house, including all the electronic equipment and software. This allows us to make changes quickly, ensuring our equipment can be adapted for just about any task required.

ROV systems

Electric vehicles for conventional and special applications.

Vehicles for inspection, intervention, and research applications.


General electric and hydraulic components for subsea robotic systems.

Components include electric thrusters, camera pan and tilt units, electronics housings, hydraulic compensators, and hydraulic valve packs.


Equipment to expand the capability of any ROV systems.

Dirty work packs, hotstabs, hotstab loggers, and more intervention tools.

Below are some examples of our products

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We have a wider range of equipment including conventional open frame electric vehicles, specialist inspection and high speed electric vehicles, tether management systems, skid based sensor and tooling systems, and intervention tooling.

Our hydraulic systems feature in-house designed manifolds to carry out specific tasks in a compact and light weight way, minimising subsea connections and joints to an absolute minimum ensuring that end systems are straightforward, easy to diagnose and simple to maintain.

Subsea hydraulic hotstab logger

Stab in data loggers

Programmable for long and short term logging tasks, and available with various pressure ranges to ensure the best possible measurement resolution.

Plug in self powered data loggers that can be fitted and left in situ during the logging operations, and recovered at later date for data download.

high capacity subsea dirty work pack

Dirty work packs

A full range of dirty work packs for smaller general purpose use, right up to the biggest work class systems.

Systems available with hydraulic pilot control and also electronically controlled systems with controlable output pressure and full system performance feedback.

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